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What Happened When the Touch Screen Failed After Connecting the Power

What Happened When the Touch Screen Failed After Connecting the Power

With the increasing number of electronic devices in modern life, power supply and touch screen are very common configurations. But when they both work together, sometimes not very harmonious. What's going on here?

The phone while charging is the most common scenario where power supply and touch screen are used together in our daily life. There are many users have encountered the situation that the touch screen doesn't work well when the phone is charging. Google search can get over a billion results.


charging touch screen issue


What's more, some people can also feel electric shocks, mainly when cell phones and laptops are connected to a power supply. Google search "shock while charging" can get tens of millions of results.


Shock while charging


The reason for these problems is the inevitable current leakage from the power supply or charger. ANSI/AAMI ES1 is the American National Standard for safe currents, recognized by the American National Committee for Standardization.


Summary of risk current requirements in rms microamoeres


According to Table 1, the safe threshold for Earth risk current is at least 500uA (0.5mA) for various scenarios. Scenarios of 2500uA, 5000uA and 10000uA also exist.

So as long as the current is less than 5mA, even if the prolonged contact is basically harmless. If the current is less than 0.5mA, it will be almost not perceivable.

Various countries and regions have standards regarding leakage current limits for power supplies. Although the standards are named differently, their thresholds are roughly the same. Take UL 60335-1 for example, the leakage current standard is as follows:


UL 60335-1


It can be seen that the current standard of some categories is above the human perceptible range, but certainly within the safe current range. For example, the standard for Class I standing electric appliances are higher than 3mA. Some categories are lower than 1mA, but some sensitive users can still feel the leakage current of the product, even if it meets the standard.


CYCPLUS Bike Trainer T2


CYCPLUS T2 belongs to the category of portable device, whose leakage current standard is 0.75mA. The initial power supply model we used before has also met it, not to mention the subsequent optimized one with current leakage under 0.5mA, which is in full compliance with safety standard.


60W AC-DC High Reliable Industrial Adapter Specifications


Recently, since we invited Shane, a very insightful and quite professional review blogger on cycling products, to review the T2 for us, he thought our T2 has a leakage problem. 

First of all, we must express our sincere apologies for the bad experience we brought to him and also to all of you who follow us. We are sorry for the negative using experience we have brought to you before. We didn't find this problem during our internal testing because of the limitations of our perspective. We must consequently convey our cordial thanks to Shane. However, after the above explanation, I also hope you could believe that our products are absolutely safe and compliant.

As a company that has been developing and innovating independently, we are doing what we love, and we may not be able to do the best for the time being, but we are always trying. We are more than welcome for everyone to find our problems and help us improve. Please believe that your voice can eventually be reflected in our products. 

Last but not least, we would like to solemnly promise you that our latest replacement power supply has ensured that the problem of making the touch screen of the bike computer malfunction will not occur again. If you purchase the T2 after October and this problem occurs again, we will give you a full refund. Thanks for your support!




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