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C3 Speed / Cadence Sensor 4PCS

C3 Speed / Cadence Sensor 4PCS

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CYCPLUS C3 Cadence & Speed Sensor
Cycplus Cadence & Speed Sensor C3
CYCPLUS C3 ANT+ Connection

Bike Speed Sensor Supplier

As a highly reputable Bike Speed Sensor Supplier in the industry, CYCPLUS prides in its exciting range of products at affordable rates to cycling enthusiasts of all levels. Our speedometers have distinct attributes.


  • Your bike speedometer should have an easy-to-read screen, above all else.
  • You can't use a speedometer if you cannot read its display.
  • Please remember to select one of our Cycling GPS speedometers so that you can easily read the numbers.
  • Other speedometers may display multiple amounts of data on one screen; we can switch between different sets at once.


The speedometer on your bike is mounted where? What is the mounting process? The multiple mounting options of our Seed and Cadence Sensor speedometers are particularly advantageous.

  • You can decide what your device mounts on and where it goes, giving you great versatility.
  • You can also use this to make sure that your speedometer is in an easy-to-read position when in motion.


You'll want a backlit speedometer if you plan on riding in dim or low lighting conditions / at night. With a backlit screen, you can quite easily see your specific speed and other riding details. If the digital display of your speedometer is never in direct sunlight, this feature is especially useful.


The battery life of the bike speedometer should be taken into consideration before you purchase one. Our speedometers with the longer battery life will provide you with more flexibility for longer rides. With a long-lasting battery, you'll have data available to you for as long as your speedometer lasts.

Get in touch with us with your questions about our speedometers. We would solve all your doubts. You can call us or write an email. Also, don’t forget to explore our product list on the official website of CYCPLUS.

CYCPLUS 2 in 1 Speed Cadence Sensor

Package include:

4 X sensor

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