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Tax-inclusive free shipping On order over $40


Q: Does it work with stand up paddle board with the proper halkey roberts valve?

A: Sorry, it doesn't.


Q: Can it be used for vacuum storage bags or pool toys? And does it have a reverse to deflate vacuum storage bags or pool toys? 

A: Unfortunately, it not so suitable for inflation of vacuum storage bags and pool toys. Deflation neither.


Q: Does it work with balloons?

A: No, it doesn't. It can mainly pump up items with high pressure requirements. E.g: bike tires, motor.


Q: Does it read the current preasure? 

A: Yes, the display will read the current pressure when you connect it to the tire and turn on the unit.


Q: What is the actual length of the air hose? 

A: Including the silver part that attaches to the tire, air hoses of A2A3A4A5 are 6.25 inches. While A7A8's are 11.22 inches. Hope this helps.


Q: Does it come with a protective case?

A: There is a gray drawstring bag inside the box, except the model A5&A7.


Q: Does each model come with a bike bracket?

A: No. Only the model A2 does.


Q: Which nozzle do I use to fill my tires? 

A: There is no attachment needed for tires with Schrader valve. But you need to use the valve adapter for Presta valve tires.


Q: What is the true mAh of the battery?  500 mAh seems to be inaccurate (way too low). 

A: Model A2A3A4A5 are 500 mAh with 4 batteries. And model A7A8 are 2600 mAh with two batteries.


Q: Does each model come with a car charger?

A: Only the model A5 does.


Q: Is there a special way to charge A7 or A8? No matter what usb C cable I use, no light comes on and it won't charge. 

A: Please be carefull on what charger you use. A7 or A8 does not support charging with a C-C cable.


Q: Can this device be left in the car during summer or winter? Can it handle hot or cold temperature? 

A: Hello, the operating temperature of this electric air pump is -10℃ ~ +60℃


Q: Is it waterproof? 

A: Hello, it is moderately waterproof and can be used normally in light rain. But it can not be immersed in water or in heavy rainstorm weather.


Q: Does each model can be used as a power bank?

A: No, only model A2 and A5 do.


Q: Is it only good to pump one flat car tire before it needs to recharge? 

A: Model A2A3A4A5 could fill up a fully flat car tire with one single full charge. And model A7A8 could inflate 2-3 empty car tires.


Q: Can you replace the hose with one that has a lever clamp?

A: No, it is not interchangeable. It is made so well that basically no air is lost if you twist it off in a steady smooth motion.