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What is CYCPLUS electric air pump? And why you need one for your bike?

What is CYCPLUS electric air pump? And why you need one for your bike?

The simplicity of the humble bicycle is one reason why cycling is so popular. You do not have to have an engineering degree to figure out how to fix a squeaky brake or change a tire. However, fixing a puncture by the roadside is a sure way to stop you in your tracks and cause frustration. An Electric air pump takes away a lot of the hard work and stress involved in fixing a puncture and getting your bike back on the road. 

CYCPLUS electric air pump

CYCPLUS’s range of electric air pumps offers cyclists a wide range of benefits that can help get you back on the road faster. You may already have one of those small portable tire pumps that fit in your jersey pocket, which take what feels like years to pump up your new inner tube and require a lot of effort (leaving you having to guess if the PSI is enough).

An electric air pump takes the hard work out of reinflating your tire. You set the PSI, press the button and let the portable air compressor do the hard work for you.

This powerful little bike tire pump has a maximum pressure of 150PSI. It is powerful enough that it can quickly inflate car, motorcycle and bike tires with ease. 

Multi-functional electrical air pump

CYCPLUS portable air compressor comes with an LED light bright enough (80 lumens) to repair your tire at night. 

Some of the CYCPLUS electric air pumps do more than just inflate your tires. Thanks to its Li-ion rechargeable battery, it doubles up as a portable power bank. Simply plug in a USB cable and it will charge your phone or bike computer while you are on the move. 

Custom bike mount

The CYCPLUS electric air pump is portable and will easily fit into your backpack or pannier without taking up too much room. However, an excellent addition for cyclists is that it comes with a custom bike mount. The mount is compatible with the standard bike cage fitting most bicycles have. This allows you to conveniently place the electric air pump out of the way and within easy reach. It comes with a strap that keeps the bike tire pump secure. 

Why all cyclists need an electric air pump in their life?

These powerful little electric air pumps will make your life easier. No matter how careful you are or how much money you spend on fancy puncture protection tires, all cyclists have to accept that getting a puncture is an occupational hazard. 

Instead of letting a puncture ruin your ride and wasting precious time and effort inflating your tire manually. Invest in one of these powerful little tire air compressors that will inflate your tire to the exact PSI you want, without you having to lift a finger. The CYCPLUS electric air pump makes a great gift for any cyclist. It is something that they will use and appreciate when the time comes to use it. 

Due to the size and weight, roadies that are going to be racing or taking part in time trials are best off sticking to CYCPLUS’s CO2 air pump. However, for cycle commuters or bike packers and adventurers, this is a really handy piece of kit that does more than just pump up your tire.